Hacking Government-Millions of Death-Certificate(EASY)

3 min readDec 8, 2022

Here’s how I gained the access to Millions of Death Certificates by discovering 3 vulnerabilities. I hacked a state government website, Chained BAC+IDOR to access millions of death certificates.


If you’re not familiar with my work, you might wanna check out some other pieces I wrote. This one is very interesting as it chains 3 Vulnerabilities and makes a Critical Impact. So On this state government website, we can Submit a request for a death certificate and also Download the pending Ones. I go about testing for normal bypass processes such as OTP rate limits previously I have had luck with this State website but this one was secure.


So I go the normal route and read through some .js files and test the application by registering an application. I get a registration ID that looks like this.


Here the ACK is for Acknowledgement and the Z is a special identifier probably a document which its stored. The xxxxxx is a number which we can manupilate by a digit example XXXXX1 and to my surprise it gives us other peoples Name and Place of death

This is a vulnerability in itself but can we chain it to maybe get their complete death certificate?


I get to work and I send this to the Proxy and intercept the Response to the Request. I find that it is leaking the Phone number. Another Vulnerability but let’s continue.

Information Disclosure:

I found no way to download the cert even when it had an option to. I used my Extremely powerful Tool which you can learn about in this ARTICLE to get the URLs. One of them stood out

Here I tried to enter the EncodedID and guess what?

The Cert Download as a PDF file.

I tried a few times, don’t judge


I tried to estimate the number of people this vulnerability impacted, it was in the millions so it had to be mitigated quickly. I reported it to the Authorities. What can we take away from this? CHAIN vulnerabilities! That’s all. I love to hack governments, from UNITED NATIONS to Dutch Government, this has been my favorite.

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